All Fit Delivery Speed Quality Service

Through rigorous testing we have been able to accurately source the right item and custom tailor it based on your specific measurements.

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The Pose.shop approach is to use our patented tailoring technology to customize the fit to your specifications and not taking an off the rack closest size approach. By taking four simple measurements we are able to tailor the product to your needs so we can deliver you a perfect fit.

We do not have a brick and mortar store, and our offices are located in the Los Angeles area. We sell online only, at www.pose.shop, and at special remote events. Check out our website for event locations and dates. If you live close to any of our events, we highly recommend that you stop by: this is a great time to see our custom tailoring process in action.

Our patented technology allows us to tailor clothing to your unique measurements. We are able to complete the process of sourcing, tailoring and quality control very quickly so that you can get your custom-tailored product in as fast as 3 days.

We source our products locally in Los Angeles to insure we only have dresses of the highest quality standards and will work well with our tailoring technology. At Pose.shop it is important that you receive a high quality product that is perfectly tailored to your needs so it is always the right fit.

It is important to us that you the right fit so if any part of your product does not fit correctly please return it free of charge to Pose.shop with a description of what you need adjusted and we will quickly make the adjustments to the product and get it back out to you.